Invoice Processing for Accounts Payable

Document to Key Match

  • Data is entered into the purchase ledger manually
  • Once completed the required index keys are sent into our archive solution
  • The batch of invoice documents are then scanned and matched to the entries in the archive (or index keys)
  • This matching process can be:
    • Barcode (automated)
    • Manual
  • This solution requires slightly more intervention but archives the documents against validated data and includes additional information not found on the original invoice (i.e. GL codes / cost centre details etc)

PDF (Text Based) / XML / CSV Data Extraction

  • Receive incoming file formats by FTP or e-mail
  • Identification of Supplier
  • Extracts text and maps the data to a BOD for Infor to pick up and import into the purchase ledger
  • The original image will be indexed and archived
  • This process automates key entry into the purchase ledger but relies on the supplier sending the documents in the formats listed above

OCR (Header and Line Items)

  • As an extension to the above solution we can take scanned TIFF images, identify the supplier and extract the header and line items using OCR
  • This information can then be mapped into a BOD for Infor to then pick up and import into the purchase ledger
  • The original image will be indexed and archived
  • This process automates key entry into the purchase ledger but relies on the document quality being high or else OCR does not work
  • This solution will be available in the next 3 months (est. Apr 2012)

Please remember that savings do not come from automating data entry into the purchase ledger as this process is normally undertaken at an administrative level

The real benefits come from 3 areas:

  1. Document viewing
    • Central electronic repository for all documentation
    • No more islands of information
    • Reduce storage and paper costs
  2. Document visibility
    • Immediate traceability and access
  3. Workflow
    • Automate and streamline approval process
    • Never lose documents again
    • Audit trail
    • Save top level approval time (management / directors)

AP Process

Matching (2/3 Match)

We recommend that this process takes place within LN / Baan and not externally in a 3rd party solution for the following reasons:

  1. The matching of an invoice completes a number of activities – updates purchasing history tables, updates the latest purchase and average purchase price on the item master, updates the ACP ledger and controls critical accrual accounts and posting to creditors, it also updates the general ledger which affects reporting on the balance sheet and P&L price differences.
  2. Doing this outside of the system could easily compromise data integrity. In addition if the invoice is not processed in the purchasing tables this will cause further business issues downstream around archiving purchase orders.
  3. Without proper software integration additional investment in professional services / in-house resources to achieve the above could become very costly.

AutoFORM Linking

  • Using our forms printing solution means that you can archive the purchase order and goods received notes and attach them to the supplier invoice.
  • In addition our pc document import solution would allow you to index and archive quotes in their native formats (i.e. Word / Excel / email etc)

Document Viewing

  • Viewing of the documents can be achieved in:
    1. Our standard web application
    2. Direct from LN
    3. Direct from Workspace in Infor 10
    4. Through the users corporate web site (using our API)
  • Providing the user has security they can then search / view / add notes / print / e-mail / view versions (via LDAP)


  • Once the invoice has been matched in LN / Baan / Infor 10 and archived it can be passed into a workflow solution for single or multi-level approval.
  • Solutions available are as follows:
    • Workflow (3rd Party such as Sales Force)
    • Workflow (Infor using ION in Infor 10)
    • Workflow (EFS using our own tailored solution)
    • Archived images can be retrieved at any point in this process for viewing