EFS SaaS brings all of the power and control of our enterprise-level output and document management solutions for Temenos, into a convenient and streamlined managed service for banks of any size. A perfect partner to Temenos' own SaaS offering, EFS SaaS manages all of your Temenos documentation tasks (generation, distribution, archive and retrieval) in a flexible cloud based solution, free from the overheads usually associated with software ownership and system maintenance. EFS SaaS is the perfect solution for 'online only' banks, as well as traditional high street branches looking to move away from cumbersome legacy systems, giving you more time to focus on your customers and products and not your infrastructure.


From POC to Market in Record Time

Whether it is rolling out new products, or even going live with new branches or banks, it needn't take months and demand huge investments to reach your customers. EFS SaaS can be deployed rapidly and scaled to always match your requirements no matter how big (or small you are). It integrates perfectly with Temenos Cloud and SaaS offerings, ensuring your digital and hard copy documentation and data can be created (or uploaded), stored, referenced and retrieved at the touch of a button.


Always Delivering the Best

EFS SaaS is managed proactively, ensuring you never have to worry about updates, availability and functionality. Our dedicated SaaS team work to ISO27001 standards to ensure that hardware, systems, processes and services are all tightly regulated. This in turn ensures the quality and consistency of our service provision to you and to your customers.
Our managed service makes use of our most up to date software versions, so you can take advantage of the continual performance optimisations and new features that are bought in with each release cycle. Configured and managed by us, you can be sure that you are always receiving the very best experience.


Subscription Service

The total cost of ownership for any new system (hardware, software and supporting staff) can be prohibitively expensive for challenger banks, or too risky for established banks looking to expand or develop in new directions. With EFS SaaS you can eliminate the immediate hit on resources and jump straight into a enterprise-level live service for a fixed monthly cost with no management overheads. Our subscription pricing ensures that you only pay for what you need to reach your business objectives, whilst still receiving the very best service from us.


Safe & Secure

Utilising industry standard secure architecture, combined with our secure development policy, operational responsibility and commitment to putting our customers first has made us an ISO27001 compliant service provider. This has given us the ability to face the ever changing security landscape with resilience and practicality.


A Service That Grows With You

It doesn't matter how big (or small) you are, our service can be rapidly tailored to suit your exact needs. As you grow, the service scales with you, making sure you've always got the processing power and speed you need to reach all of your customers when they need it.


Knowledge and Commitment

We have developed a fantastic working relationship with Temenos over the years and have followed a complimentary development track, supporting many of their new features and initiatives in our own products. EFS SaaS is no different. It brings all of our knowledge and expertise to the cloud as the perfect companion to Temenos' own SaaS offering, meaning that no matter on your delivery method, we have got you covered, whether it is on-premise, in the cloud or as SaaS.